Meet Jess

Santa Barbara Wedding Planner. Mom of two rug-rats. Laugh loud, like a PEZ dispenser. Hella. Bay Area Native. Vodka snob. Trippin’ on Spritz. crystals. PLant medicine. love shopping for home goods. funky earrings. obsessed with astrology. If I could live anywhere, it would be on the canals of Venice, Italy or in the Anthropologie store in New York. I own cowboy boots and leopard print pumps. prefer jeans and bare feet. love the F-word. believe in past lives. lake camping. carry a bottle of hot sauce in my car at all times. drive fast.  high energy. hard working. talk too fast. third Gilmore Girl.Travel…Holland. Italy. Costa Rica. Kauai. Kona. New York. Paris. New Orleans. Take me with you and i’ll make it beautiful!

Onyx and redwood

Onyx and Redwood, formerly Bijoux Events, has been a destination wedding planning and design company for the past 15 years.  We travel near and far to create memories through our events. We produce small intimate gatherings, large-scale celebration's, and anywhere in between. We understand that not only does an event's success lie in the planning, but that the memory lies in the attention to detail and the personal relationship built with the client. We like outside of the box thinking and appreciate the creative process that develops unexampled guest experiences.  We are known for our vibrant and colorful energy, ability to make things happen, professionalism, hard work, and demand for great service.

Onyx and redwood Team

The team of wedding professionals I pull together for each of my events, is unique every time. My clients vision, personality, and of course budget, is what drives the creative collaboration, and is what makes my job so much fun! I want each and every wedding that I do, be a true reflection of who my clients are, and always find touching ways to incorporate special details that are distinctive to them. I am a huge advocate for my clients, and I work very hard to ensure they receive the best service, quality products and memorable experience throughout the planning process as well as on the wedding day. My experience and years in the industry, along with the relationships I have cultivated, can provide this. I also take very good care of my vendors, as I am a firm believer in staying local, if possible, and supporting your events community. As a village, we thrive!

Onyx and Redwood Rentals

Over the years I have found it difficult at times to find the right design elements for my clients that were more than just your average rentals.  I believe in going local first, but also found that going to LA meant hefty delivery fees and minimums for my clients.  I don't believe in spending money, just to spend it.  I believe in quality over quantity.  I also am a believer that we all need to be a part of the solution and not continue to be a part of the problem, by doing nothing.  Because of this, we now offer grounding stoneware plates made right here in California, rare ceramic chargers directly from the artists who create them, and other uncommon items, such as bold woven grass chargers from Africa that empower women and help bring an end to poverty worldwide.  Don't just make it pretty, make it matter!  We can't wait to collaborate with you!