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Your ticket to an unforgettable experience.

As a wedding planner for destination events, we understand your desire for an event that is both bold and luxurious.

You are discerning and cultured. However, you also like to live out loud,
and you want your wedding to embody that philosophy.

Well, I’ve got your back.

With almost 2 decades of destination wedding planning experience, you have found the perfect partner and the driving force behind your vision. Are you ready to embark on your greatest adventure yet?


A destination wedding is more than just a wedding in a different location.

It is a definitive affair, an immersion into a local culture, and a beautiful culmination of details and experiences that play together to create the perfect wedding day.

Let’s start planning your dream destination soiree.

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My Approach

As a destination wedding planner, I know I hold a complex responsibility in my hands. 

From bypassing bureaucracy, language barriers, and time zones to organizing vendors, details, and ideas that are coming from, quite literally, all directions, your destination wedding is a beautiful puzzle of moving pieces.

And, more than that, at the very heart of destination wedding planning is the ability to take your vision and merge it with the very heartbeat of the place where you are hosting your wedding.

An elegant combination of culture and personality is what sets my destination wedding planning apart from others.

Where Do I Travel?

From the fabled canals of Venice to the sandy beaches of Indonesia, there is no location out of reach for myself and my talented team.

And while there is no place out of reach, I do consider Europe, especially Italy, Mexico, and anywhere in California, my specialities.

I always love a good challenge so reach out with all of your ideas — no matter how crazy or far-reaching.

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A glimpse into a recent destination wedding

Venice Wedding

Beautiful Venice, with its gondola-filled canals and ornate palacios, inspires the soul and appeases the most nomadic of hearts.

R & G had a brilliantly intimate wedding during the last week of Italy's Carnevale Festival. It was an eclectic mix of masked dance parties and intimate moments that really created this special ambiance.

Florals were sourced from the local farmer’s market and gracious antique shop owners allowed us to rent fine china and venetian lace napkins to adorn the table.

After the ceremony we rode gondolas through the canals, as the city became alive with costumes and theatrics. 

Upon our return, we were greeted with offerings of authentic Venetian cicchettis catered by a local family restaurant and sipped spritzes made by one of our own traveling bartenders. After the initial toasting of the couple, we sat down and enjoyed a candlelit dinner in our own private Dorsoduro piazza, hitting the parties of Carnivale afterwards.

To extend the celebration, we continued to travel throughout Italy— riding vespas on the cobblestone streets of Florence, wandering through the romantic hills of Tuscany, and marveling in the ruins of Rome.

Embracing the culture and its people made the experience timeless and unforgettable.

I Want a wedding like this!

I can truly say that our whole wedding weekend was absolutely flawless thanks to Jess and her team. I don’t know too many brides who can say that and to me that is invaluable!

Shannon & Darren

Jess knew me and what I wanted better than I knew myself, and the end product was everything I could have ever wanted and more. I would recommend her to anyone who wants their true love story told!

Lauren & Shane

Jess is boss who will deliver the wedding of your dreams. She effortlessly took over all vendor coordination and made sure to plug in the gaps we didn’t consider.

Lahari & Anton

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you plan weddings? 

I plan weddings anywhere you want to get married. Travel, culture, and experiences are so intertwined in my soul that I love nothing more than diving deep into your vision and desires to create an epic wedding, even if it is in a place new to me. I have travel connections across the globe and am always growing and expanding. 

What if you haven’t been to my destination before? 

It’s not a problem at all! Not only is my creativity heightened when I am in a new location but I always travel to new venues at least one or two times before the wedding. While there, I spend time researching the area, exploring the venue, handling food tastings, and meeting up with any local vendors. 

When do you get into town before my wedding? 

I arrive at least two days before the beginning of any of the festivities. This gives us a buffer for any travel delays and allows us to ensure that all final details are taken care of before the guests arrive. 

Do you bring any assistants?

I curate my team to best fit the demands of every destination event to truly allow for a seamless production and guest experience. Whether this is flying in assistant coordinators or hiring local translators, every event is different. 

Where do you want to go?

Let's get going